The SSCOR Duet with Retention Bracket is specifically designed to conserve the valuable real estate of the crash cart work surface.

The SSCOR Duet with Retention Bracket comes complete with a retention bracket enabling the powerful SSCOR Duet suction unit to easily attach to the side of a cart.

The Quickdraw can function as an extremely efficient handheld suction or as a small, yet powerful and effective traditional suction pump. As a handheld device the Quickdraw is equally efficient no matter who the operator is, or how large or strong the hand is that is operating it. This separates the Quickdraw from manual handheld suction devices that are dependent on strength and endurance to deliver effective suction

The S-SCORT III was first introduced in July of 1991 and has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, and economical EMS suction device. While the S-SCORT III has evolved and improved it maintains all of the characteristics that make it the standard in many EMS agencies

The SSCOR VX-2 is a lightweight, portable, powerful and "firefighter" tough, battery powered suction unit. The VX-2 is powerful enough to meet state, national and international standards for portable suction equipment (>30 lpm airflow and >525mmHg negative pressure), and versatile enough to provide essential medical suction inside and outside the vehicle

SSCOR, Inc. provides portable and onboard vacuum solutions to meet your emergency suction requirements. SSCOR onboard vacuum systems include options for different pre-hospital applications, conditions and ambulance configurations.

The S-SCORT II accommodates you and your battery care system! Designed to operate using batteries designed to fit Lifepak® 5, 10 and 12 defibrillators, the S-SCORT II has two receptacles; one to hold an active battery and one to hold a spare. Typically, a fully charged defibrillator battery will run the II for about 20 minutes.

The S-SCORT 9 embodies solid and well proven features which include a sealed lead acid battery, oil-less diaphragm pump and two position regulator, packed inside the most durable case found on an EMS device. Its sound absorbing case makes the S-SCORT 9 whisper quiet. 

The S-SCORT TEN is the embodiment of durability.  Its linear polyethylene rotational molded exterior is virtually indestructible.