Carro Esterilización

The rev•o•lu•tion™ closed case cart is ergonomically designed to be lightweight and easy to handle.  New re•volve™ casters improve maneuverability and require 32% less push/pull force than standard case carts. 

See all the unique features that make this case cart - safe, easy to use and truly  rev•o•lu•tion•ar•y!

The 500 Pediatric Crib/Stretcher offers full-function capability. As a pediatric transport stretcher, the 500 rolls easily on over-sized five-inch casters. Its unique 2-post support system design allows 97% access to the patient.

Eye / Neck / Head Stretcher

The new 7500NE Stretcher is designed specifically for eye, neck and head surgery. Standard features include: center column support, retractable push handles, Quick-release O2 holder, and IS6 (instant steer six wheel steering). 

• 750 lbs. weight capacity rating

• Stainless steel glide side rails

• Pneumatic articulating head & neck rests

• Pads - 4" Head & 6" Neck

• 4" Premium mattress

• Four IV pole receptacles

• Four restraint strap positions 

•  Ouick-Release O2 Tank Holder  (US Patent 7,865,984 B2)

•  Integrated push/pull handles with latch release

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Pedigo’s 7500 Series Stretcher allows for the transfer of patients easily and comfortably with a load capacity up to 750 pounds. Superior stability, mobility, and braking capabilities make the 7500 versatile for all your department needs such as OR, ED, PACU, Patient Transportation, Radiology or Cath Lab

•  750 lbs. weight capacity

•  Instant Steer 6 Wheel Steering (IS6)

•  Side rails - full length, dual release

•  Integrated push/pull handles

•  Center column design with precision ball bearings Ouick-Release O2 Tank Holder (US Patent 7,865,984 B2)

•  Positive/negative Trendelenburg dual pneumatic assist cylinder

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CDS-1000 Instrument Assembly Station




Wrap-around work surface for easy access to all areas

•  Electrically operated hydraulic height adjustment provides comfortable, ergonomic height for all staff  members

•  Three large pegboards for organizing instruments for  storage and easy access 

•  Eight slide-out lower shelves for bins

•  3˝ diameter, heavy-duty locking casters for easy  mobility

•  Stainless steel construction

•  Six removable stainless steel trays, recessed into the top work surface to hold small items

•  Center drawer standard (keyboard tray option available) Removable stainless steel trays, recessed into the top work surface hold small items such as tags, labels, container locks, etc.


14˝ round stainless steel

contoured seat

• Height adjustment from 20˝to 32-3/8˝

• Rubber floor tips


• 14˝ round cushioned seat

• Height adjustment from 22˝

to 34½˝

• Rubber floor tips


Upholstered spring back

• 14˝ round cushioned seat

• Height adjustment from 22¾ ˝ to 34½˝

• Rubber floor tips


Upholstered spring back

•  Cushioned square seat

measures 14˝ x 15˝

•  Height adjustment from 26˝

to 37½˝

•  3˝ double ball bearing 

swivel casters